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This fraction calculator performs basic and advanced fraction operations, expressions with fractions combined with integers, decimals, and mixed numbers. It also shows detailed step-by-step information about the fraction calculation procedure. The calculator helps in finding value from multiple fractions operations. Solve problems with two, three, or more fractions and numbers in one expression.

The result:

2 * 1/3 = 2/30.6666667

Spelled result in words is two thirds.

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How vì thế we solve fractions step by step?

  1. Multiple: 2 * 1/3 = 2 · 1/1 · 3 = 2/3
    Multiply both numerators and denominators. Result fraction keep to lớn lowest possible denominator GCD(2, 3) = 1. In the following intermediate step, it cannot further simplify the fraction result by canceling.
    In other words - two multiplied by one third is two thirds.

Rules for expressions with fractions:

Fractions - use a forward slash to lớn divide the numerator by the denominator, i.e., for five-hundredths, enter 5/100. If you use mixed numbers, leave a space between the whole and fraction parts.

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Mixed numerals (mixed numbers or fractions) keep one space between the integer and
fraction and use a forward slash to lớn input fractions i.e., 1 2/3 . An example of a negative mixed fraction: -5 1/2.
Because slash is both sign for fraction line and division, use a colon (:) as the operator of division fractions i.e., 1/2 : 1/3.
Decimals (decimal numbers) enter with a decimal point . and they are automatically converted to lớn fractions - i.e. 1.45.

Math Symbols

SymbolSymbol nameSymbol MeaningExample
+plus signaddition 1/2 + 1/3
-minus signsubtraction 1 50% - 2/3
*asteriskmultiplication 2/3 * 3/4
×times signmultiplication 2/3 × 5/6
:division signdivision 1/2 : 3
/division slashdivision 1/3 / 5
:coloncomplex fraction 1/2 : 1/3
^caretexponentiation / power 1/4^3
()parenthesescalculate expression inside first-3/5 - (-1/4)

The calculator follows well-known rules for the order of operations. The most common mnemonics for remembering this order of operations are:
PEMDAS - Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
BEDMAS - Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction
BODMAS - Brackets, Of or Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.
GEMDAS - Grouping Symbols - brackets (){}, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
MDAS - Multiplication and Division have the same precedence over Addition and Subtraction. The MDAS rule is the order of operations part of the PEMDAS rule.
Be careful; always vì thế multiplication and division before addition and subtraction. Some operators (+ and -) and (* and /) have the same priority and must be evaluated from left to lớn right.

Fractions in word problems:

  • In fractions
    An ant climbs 2/5 of the pole in the first hour and climbs 1/4 of the pole in the next hour. What part of the pole does the ant climb in two hours?
  • Puzzle game
    In a letter puzzle game, John can use every alphabet only once. He used only 8 alphabets to lớn solve the puzzle. What fraction of the 26 alphabets did he use? Express your answer as a fraction in the simplest khuông.
  • Out 550,000.00
    Out of 550,000.00, an amount of 325,000.00 was used. What fraction of the total amount was used?
  • The parsley
    Milka's grandmother planted 12 rows of vegetables. 1/6 of the rows are carrots. The rest is parsley. How many rows are planted with parsley?
  • A quarter
    A quarter of the number 72 is:
  • In the cafeteria
    There are 18 students in Jacob's homeroom. Six students bring their lunch to lớn school. The rest eat lunch in the cafeteria. In the simplest khuông, what fraction of students eat lunch in the cafeteria?
  • Evaluate expression
    Calculate the value of the expression z/3 - 2 z/9 + 1/6, for z = 2
  • Denominator 2
    The denominator of a fraction is five, and the numerator is 7. Write the fraction.
  • Fruit basket
    If there are seven apples and five oranges in the basket, what fraction of oranges are in the fruit basket?
  • Someone
    Someone ate 1/10 of a cake, leaving only 9/10. If you eat 2/3 of the cake left, how much of a whole cake will you have eaten?
  • Lowest terms 2
    We can write the expression 4/12 in its lowest term as 1/3. What is 3/15 expressed in its lowest term?
  • Oranges
    There are 50 oranges in a bag. If ten of these oranges are bad, what fraction of them are good?
  • Fraction and a decimal
    Write as a fraction and a decimal. One and two plus three and five hundredths
  • A class IV.A
    In a class, there are 15 girls and 30 boys.  What fraction of the class represents the boys?
  • Simplify 12
    Simplify {1/3 + 1/12} ÷ {2/3 - 5/8}

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