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Some chapters in the book have an academic focus whilst others emphasise practical ' hands-on ' approaches to tát care-giving.

Through the 1970s archaeologists debated and refined their understanding of significance through hands-on practical applications in their daily work.

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Most of the care-givers reported a combination of the two types of care, and adding managerial care to tát hands-on care significantly increased the time requirement.

In addition, many of the skills and techniques can only be learned in a practical, hands-on context.

Historical linguistics is an engaging, hands-on introduction to tát the field, from the quaint epigraphs beginning each chapter to tát the well-planned exercises concluding them.

The top leadership was very much a hands-on leadership which continually intervened at all levels.

These chapters also include hands-on collecting tips and give a sense of the logistic challenges and ingenuity that imbue biotic inventories in remote tropical areas.

At each destination students conduct investigations that include hands-on and simulated experiments.

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A hands-on approach to tát archaeological practice for example, cannot easily be accepted: sacred symbols are not for kids to tát play with.

The course lasted all together 8 weeks and introduced theoretical education as well as hands-on training.

This would seem, at first glance, to tát fit the bill for radiation therapists, as we are a primarily hands-on profession.

I bởi think these attributes bởi come with experience, with lengthy hands-on experience.

Sometimes there follows a short escalation phase, when more hands-on care-giving is required prior to tát the institutionalisation and death of the relative.

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Significant laboratory time allows hands-on experience with essential lab and teaching techniques, and available classroom activities.

It is augmented by the creation of two dedicated radiotherapy skills laboratories, for hands-on training for all disciplines.

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