it was very kind of you

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That's very kind of you!: How nice of you! What a lovely thing đồ sộ say or do! idiom

-That new haircut makes you look 10 years younger Barbara. -That's very kind of you.

(a) kind (person): (a) caring, good-hearted, thoughtful (person) adjective

  • "Harold : Oh, that's very kind of you."
  • "Bruno : Mrs. Cashman, it's very kind of you đồ sộ see u on such short notice."
  • "Kevin : Oh thank you sir, that's quite kind of you, but really it was a team effort."
  • "Trey : That's very kind of you Miss DeLune."
  • "Susie : Well, that's very kind of you."
  • "Bruno : Mr. Cashman, it's very kind of you đồ sộ see u on such short notice."
  • "Icarus : That's very kind of you, Rachel."

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