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Don’t you often wonder if you could tải về that funny or how-to video clip that you are watching on YouTube so sánh that you can take it elsewhere and show it đồ sộ a friend? We all struggle with data and using Wi-Fi đồ sộ tải về things we want đồ sộ share and then show them from our phones makes so sánh much sense.

Well, if you use UC Browser you can tải về those vids and share them without having đồ sộ use your precious data.  Please note that it is no longer possible đồ sộ tải về in UC Browser directly, you will need đồ sộ have some sườn of tải về software loaded on your phone.

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  1. Open UC Browser on your phone

    How đồ sộ Download YouTube Videos on UC Browser

    Once you have UC Browser open on your phone, touch the YouTube icon đồ sộ go directly đồ sộ YouTube.

  2. Choose the YouTube Video you want đồ sộ watch

    How đồ sộ Download YouTube Videos on UC Browser

    Choose the video clip that you want đồ sộ watch. Open it and start it playing. Once the video clip starts playing, touch the title at the top of the screen.

  3. Tell UC Browser đồ sộ use Savefrom.Net đồ sộ tải về the video

    How đồ sộ Download YouTube Videos on UC Browser

    You want đồ sộ replace the letters “m.” before youtube in the URL for the video clip with the letters “ss”.

    As you can see in this screenshot the URL has been changed from https://m.youtube…………………… đồ sộ https://ssyoutube………………..

    The very first time you bởi this, UC Browser will ask you đồ sộ load the Savefrom.Net software.

    Tip: If you didn’t already know, đồ sộ find a place in a long line of characters quickly, touch anywhere in the line and hold down the space key on your keyboard. Move your finger up, down, left or right and the cursor will follow. This is much easier kêu ca trying đồ sộ touch in exactly the right place!

  4. Start Download Process

    How đồ sộ Download YouTube Videos on UC Browser

    The URL from your video clip has been transferred đồ sộ Savefrom.Net.

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    The frame that was showing when you left YouTube is shown in the window, so sánh you can confirm this is the correct video clip.

    Touch the down arrow.

  5. Confirm the Video and Start Download

    How đồ sộ Download YouTube Videos on UC Browser

    Once Savefrom.Net has linked đồ sộ the video clip and is ready đồ sộ begin downloading đồ sộ the phone, this screen will come up.

    Touch Download đồ sộ tải về the video

  6. Video has Downloaded

    How đồ sộ Download YouTube Videos on UC Browser

    Be patient! Once the video clip is downloaded đồ sộ your phone, Savefrom.Net will advise you. 

    You can play it immediately, or use your phone’s software đồ sộ find the video clip and play it at a later stage.

Enjoy your new videos!

This is the process that you will have đồ sộ follow đồ sộ tải về videos from YouTube onto your phone. If you choose đồ sộ use software other kêu ca Savefrom.Net as your interface between UC Browser and YouTube, you will have đồ sộ adjust how you tell the software đồ sộ commence downloading.

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Please remember that you will not be able đồ sộ tải về any video clip that is copyright protected. This will include films and some music videos.

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