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About Storm the House Game

Storm the House is a super fun game where stickmen try to tát attack a lonely house in the middle of nowhere. Imagine a world with funny stickmen wanting your house for no reason!

It's up to tát you to tát be the hero! Your mission is to tát protect your precious house. These stickmen come in waves, and every wave tries to tát be sneakier and stronger than vãn the last. Can you keep them away?

How to tát Play

First things first, let's talk controls. Here's all you should know:

- Mouse Cursor: Point where you want to tát shoot.

- Mouse Click: Shoot the stickmen!

- Spacebar: Reload.

As you stand guard, watch out for those sneaky stickmen coming closer! When you spot one, simply click to tát shoot them down. But remember that your gun isn't endless. After firing 7 bullets, it'll be empty, and you'll need to tát reload. Don't worry about keeping count; just glance at the top left corner of your game screen to tát kiểm tra your ammo status. Be quick and always stay ready!

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The adventure gets more interesting every day. With the rising sun, the stickmen become more eager and march towards your house in bigger waves. If they reach it, they'll try to tát harm it. You've got to tát keep an eye on the life bar of your house in the top right corner. If it drops to tát zero, the game ends, and the stickmen win. But we know you won't let that happen!

There's more you should know!

For every stickman you stop, you earn some coins. When the sun sets and the day ends, you can use those coins to tát make your defense even mightier. Here's what you can get:

- Gunmen: These pals shoot the stickmen for you.

- Craftsmen: Got some damage? They'll repair your house.

- Silo: A big structure that launches rockets. But it needs silo workers to tát operate it.

- Wall Upgrades and Fortifying: These will increase your house's maximum health.

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- Sniper Rifle: Want to tát be more powerful? This doubles your shooting power.

And a little secret for those wanting an edge: In the beginning, it might be a good idea to tát hold onto your coins. The early days are simpler, but saving up can be super handy when things get tough. Those upgrades? They're the magic touch when you really need them.

So, brave defender, are you ready for this challenge? With every passing day, you'll become smarter and stronger. Dive into this adventurous story, strategize, and show those stickmen who's boss! Ready, aim, and protect!

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