which of the following is not true according to the passage


Directions: Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow by selecting the correct / most appropriate options:

And if I have a fancy for dyeing my hair, or waxing my moustache (which heaven forbid), or wearing an overcoat and sandals, or going to tướng bed late or getting up early, I shall follow my fancy and ask no man's permission. I shall not inquire of you whether I may eat mustard with my mutton. And you will not ask má whether you may follow this religion or that, whether you may prefer Ella Wheeler Wilcox to tướng Wordsworth, or champagne to tướng shandy. In all these and a thousand other details you and I please ourselves and have no one's leave.

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We have a whole kingdom in which we rule alone, can tự what we choose, be wise or ridiculous, harsh or easy, conventional or odd. But when we step out of that kingdom, our personal liberty of action becomes qualified by other people's liberty. I might lượt thích to tướng practise on the trombone from midnight till three in the morning. If I went onto the top of Everest to tướng tự it, I could please myself, but if I tự it in my bedroom my family will object, and if I tự it out in the streets the neighbours will remind má that my liberty to tướng blow the trombone must not interfere with their liberty to tướng sleep in quiet.

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There are a lot of people in the world, and I have to tướng accommodate my liberty to tướng their liberties. We are all liable to tướng forget this, and unfortunately we are much more conscious of the imperfections of others in this respect phàn nàn of our own. A reasonable consideration for the rights or feelings of other is the foundation of social conduct. It is in the small matters of conduct in the observance of the rule of the road, that we pass judgement upon ourselves, and declare that we are civilized or uncivilized. The great moments of heroism and sacrifice are rare. It is the little habits of commonplace intercourse that làm đẹp the great sum of life and sweeten or make bitter the journey.

  1. We are perfectly không lấy phí to tướng eat whatever we like
  2. We tự not have to tướng seek anyone's permission to tướng read what pleases us
  3. We have the liberty to tướng sing and dance at a public place
  4. We have to tướng accommodate our liberty to tướng other's liberty

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